Observations of recent events have lead us to the three most popular questions right now i.e:

  1. Where can I get tested?
  2. Should I get tested?
  3. What places should I avoid?

What's Pandemik?

Pandamik at its core, is a web app that delivers a solution to all the problems raised through those questions. We are using the available COVID-19 APIs to inform our users of the nearest testing facilities, in addition to warning them of potential dangerous locations where many cases have been officially reported.

We also aim to shorten the gap between users and medical staff by giving them the ability to take a survey that will inform them of the likelihood of having COVID-19. If they score high on the survey, they will be recommended to seek testing and if they chose their answers will be sent to a medical professional for review and these applicants will then be contacted for a follow-up.

The survey will evaluate users’ health status using a point system. It is done in such a way to provide user friendliness and a simple way at gathering data about them. Upon entering the survey page, users will be prompted to answer a series of closed-ended questions pertaining to COVID-19 symptoms.

E.g: Are you experiencing bouts of dry coughing? Yes/No.

Each question has been assigned a value that adds up to 25, and depending on what the user has answered, their amount of points will fall into a range that tells them what to do. For example, if a user has gotten below 10 points, a message will alert them that they’re most likely fine and that they should just take it easy. However, if a user’s points fall within a range between 16 and 20 points, they’ll know that the best course of action is to seek a test, as to avoid any potential complications and risk suffering the full brunt of COVID-19.

In addition to our reliance on reliable APIs to get our data, a significant part of the Pandemik's data source will be its users. Pandamik has a robust solution that allows its users to pinpoint suspicious locations for other users of the app to see. To put this into perspective, imagine yourself walking down a marketplace and spot a potential virus carrier through visible and apparent symptoms. You'll be able to then mark this spot as an area that might be in danger of being exposed to COVID-19 and henceforth warn any users to avoid the area and even hand a tip to health officials to secure the area.

How it's built

We are using multiple COVID-19 APIs to get fresh and accurate information for our users. Furthermore, the help of medical professionals for the survey is used and with the help of Mapbox, we are giving our users a friendly interface so that they know what places to avoid, and where to go to get tested.


Finding a medical team for help as well as making our users trust us with both their data and the information we are providing them.

Accomplishments and aspirations

We honestly just want to help make a change in this horrible situation no matter how small it may seem.

What's next for Pandamik

We hope that our platform will grow to be the go-to site for any future pandemic or biologically hazardous situation.

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