Since our team consists of students, we found it very frustrating to use old, badly designed and complicated university systems. We decided to take this challenge and change that by developing a student-orientated assistant app Owly that shows context-aware information exactly when it is relevant.

What it does

Owly is an Android app which has functionalities most relevant for today's students: schedule, grades, email and other important information about lectures and documents

In Schedule students can access the timetable of their lectures. All the Grades are also present in the app. When a new grade is written, the student automatically gets a notification about it. Our app also includes university's Mail. We think it's very important to have university email included in the app because the most students find it difficult to check their university mail regularly. We also added Feed. In this part of the application students can see the summary of all most important information about the university events, lectures, grades, new emails, exams, schedule and much more. The best thing about Feed is that it shows information relevant to student's location and current time and orders it from most important to least important. To make the use of the app even simpler, we added a virtual assistance which is controlled by voice and can quickly answer most important questions.

How we built it

First we brainstormed the idea and created a simple wireframe. After that, we started developing an Android application while still improving the design. In the end we had full prototype and partially developed Android app. We used Adobe XD and Adobe Iliustrator for the design and prototype and Android Studio as well as Kotlin for application development.

Challenges we ran into

It was very challenging to develop a virtual assistant because it was completely a new field for us. But after learning a lot, we managed to do it. It was also challenging for our designer to create an appealing mascot because he doesn't have much experience in character design, but he managed to deal with the task really well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we almost finished the application. We are also very proud of creating a working assistant.

What we learned

We learnt how create a prototype for voice interactions and develop a virtual assistant.

What's next for Owly - students' assistant

We want to complete and polish our application and once we get back to our home city - offer our university to adopt it and make it a fully and practically usable application for students.

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