Our team was wondering how to tackle problems in education at a greater scale. We discovered that many teachers, especially within public education systems, are overworked from having to manage several responsibilities at once- inside and outside of school. From having to build the curriculum for students and grading their assignments to managing school supplies, teachers are often short of hand for help. We came up with Owl Hero as a way to help teachers through different activities and improve public education by giving back to our Owls!

What it does

  • Connects Heroes (individuals) who want to provide help to Owls (teacher) in need!
  • Both user types sign up: Owls answer questions about the type of help they need while Heroes answer questions about how they would like to help.
  • Heroes can help in the following ways: Donating unneeded items, volunteering to be a TA (Teaching Assistant), building the curriculum, and organizing special events.
  • Owls will then get matched accordingly with a Hero and chat from there!

How we built it

The landing page was designed in Adobe XD and built with CSS and React. The mobile app was designed in Figma and built with Flutter along with MongoDB for its backend. The logo and illustrations were drawn using Adobe Illustrator.

Challenges we ran into

  • Figuring out the user journey was a bit challenging as we had to consider two different user types.
  • We had difficulty with creating the backend as we had to work with MongoDB for CRUD operations. As a result, it was a challenge to transfer data from one frame to the next.
  • Creating an interactive gallery grid that displays the impact and stories of the users and implementing it into the web app.
  • Given the 24 hour time limit, time management was complicated as we had to figure out how to divide our time into designing and building different components of the website and mobile app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We created a functioning backend!
  • We were able to create the website and mobile app in 24 hours!
  • We're very happy with how the design turned out! :)

What we learned

  • We learned that we can help out teachers in various ways just by volunteering our spare times.
  • We were able to practice on working alongside design and code at the same time!
  • We learned some of the challenges and limitations in translating design into code.

What's next for Owl Hero

We want to expand our backend functionality so that we may expand this idea further. In addition, we would also like to expand on different user journeys and improve the UX.

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