This idea came to me in my sleep, waking me at 7am in a cold sweat, needing to get it on paper. By the time 8 o’clock rolled around, I had 8 notecards written out, detailing everything from how the idea promotes principles of democracy to target user demographics for my first product rollouts. * First, I wanted to improve sustainability through reduction of food waste and natural resource consumption. * Secondly, I wanted to improve people’s access to food, especially healthy, affordable, hot meals. * Finally, I wanted to take back social interaction from conventional social media. I strongly believe the solution to the current social media crisis is not another piece of technology. It is real, genuine, face-to-face human interactions over shared experiences.

What it does

Our Table is a service used to organize and join community kitchen groups in your area. Community kitchens are groups of people who pool their resources, share a kitchen, and learn how to plan, prepare, and cook delicious meals together. You can meet people in your community and start building relationships over shared dietary needs and interests. The groups are flexible and completely controlled by the organizers and participants. They can meet as often or infrequently as they would like and bond over the shared experience of planning, preparing, cooking, and eating good food together.

How I built it

Good question. I tried many things! I tried to use Figma coupled with Anima to scrape together some React code from my prototype, that didn't work. I briefly dabbled in Webflow; which didn't work. I even wrote it out on paper, which kind of worked, but isn't exactly what I was going for for a technical competition. I ended up working in React and Figma. I ended up with some beautiful Figma prototypes and a stunningly garbage React website run on localhost (not surprising, considering my background is in design).

Challenges I ran into

I can't code. I mean, cannot. code. At all. I spent most of the weekend trying to teach myself how to be a fullstack developer in less than two days. As you can imagine, that didn't totally work. I couldn't even figure out how to put images in my React App. I asked brilliant questions in the Slack such as "What program/software/website do I use to create a progressive web app?" and "How do I open my React app again?" However, what I lack in technical skills, I hope to make up for with creativity and social impact. I am confident in the potential of my idea to do a world of good.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I sure did learn a lot! I'm extremely proud that I took a stab at programming and at least got a single page shell webpage up and running with React. Considering 24 hours ago I didn't know how to re-open my code after quitting the app, I have come a long way.

What we learned

I learned what VS Code is. I learned that websites use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. I learned that CSS is for styling. I learned what Terminal is for. I learned to run "npm install" each time I open my code so nothing breaks! I learned the difference between a webpage and a website (a webpage is only a singe page, a website is a few webpages!)

What's next for Our Table

Our Table needs more page mockups (Profile, Messages) and prototyped components (Drop down menus, clickable text fields, etc) in Figma and an actual, working website. Ideally made by someone with more than 24 hours of development experience.


Images from Upsplash or created in Adobe Illustrator

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