I wanted to make a hack that would help with student productivity as they study. I always try to design something that I myself would personally enjoy using and are passionate about. There's not a website or app (that I've heard of) that keeps a planner, study timer, and study tips in one place. The main thing I wanted to accomplish for this hack was it's design to appeal to students and the ideas of how a product like this would work. I had lots of problem with keeping focus studying as a kid, which wasn't a big deal until middle school where you needed to study for tests. It was a big transition that I had to work on my own, but it would have been much easier with a product like this.

What it does

As of now my hack is simply a design prototype, but the idea is much more than that. - This hack appeals to the eyes and would make students look forward to seeing their own little alien on each screen. - Has the students 'study corner' that leads them to their 'study planner', 'study timer' and 'study tips & tricks' - The study planner design was not fully finished, but the concept is relatively simple. They'd enter in what tests or assignments are due on a certain date and choose how often they need to study. The planner is broken up by 'today' (what they need to study that day), 'this month' (what they need to study that month), and 'this week' (what they need to study that week). This way they can keep up to speed on what and when they need to study. - The study timer was an idea I had to help increase the younger students desire to study. The students will start the timer for 20 minutes and once that 20 minutes finishes, they will receive 5 orbit points. These orbit points can be used to purchase accessories for the alien character on the webpages and possibly other prizes. When they start the timer, they can't leave the browser so as not to cheat just being on the computer while the timer runs. This can't be as well implemented for high school since most studying is online, but younger kids can study or work on homework without electronics. - The study tips & tricks was another idea I wanted to add. Some students don't have great study skills even though it is imperative for their school years that they do. I wanted a page that gives students some pointers on how to maximize the productivity of their study time. I included some that I myself do and even maybe need to work on a bit. You can always improve your work ethic as well. - The profile is very simple. It will welcome the student as well as show the accessories prizes you can unlock from the study timer. This product simply asks of users for their name and grade to keep things simple.

How I built it

I built this website using adobe xd and adobe illustrator. I've never really used the products all that much and especially for a big project such as this one. I had an idea that led to a series of ideas that left me with a wonderful project that I'm proud to have been able to make.

Challenges I ran into

I've never really used either program so heavily as I did for this project. I had to learn a few tools and watch a few tutorials, but I'm happy with my finished product!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm really glad I finished. I was worried I would much more behind as I was a little more busy than planned this weekend but it turned out! I was also nervous about this hackathon since I'm still new so hopefully this gives me more experience under my belt.

What I learned

I learned a lot of features on the adobe softwares I used. I was watching tutorials left and right which is good as I'm interested in UI/UX and design. I also was able to attend workshops and the prehacks.

What's next for Orbit Study

I will hopefully have time to actually code this project and make it really work instead of just being a design. I think I may have a bit of trouble as I only know basic html and bootstrap, but hopefully as I continue taking computer science classes I can start putting more knowledge and work into this project.

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