Inspired by a 3D Tycoon game called "Panopticon"which is a game that focuses on managing a prison to keep it safe. Our game implementation focused on the entrepreneurship which directed our concept towards a virtual 3D office simulation.

What it does

A management style game focusing on growing your empire as quickly as possible by replacing lazy employees and earning more money to expand your company.

How we built it

Built on Unity 5.2.0 using C# and JS and optimised for the Oculus Rift (DK2). The designs followed a flat design guidelines and were created using 3DsMax 2015, Blender and Adobe Illustrator. GitHub and Google Drive were used effectively to transfer files, maintain a stable version and rollback mistakes.

Challenges we ran into

Distribution of work; Time management; No clear design specification caused a delay in the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The Oculus integration worked very well and brought a level of emersion to the game rarely present in current titles.

What we learned

Sleep is precious. Communicate more and working with new people for the first time can be harder than expected.

What's next for Opificium

Publish to Android / IOS. Microstransactions. Extra features. Add tutorial. Sprite animations.

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