What it does

Operation Cygnus X-1 is a fun open-world space-themed game set in the distant future, where the player goes on a journey to explore the depths of our galaxy in search of a supermassive black hole called Cygnus X-1 which is said to contain the answers to the mysteries of cosmos. On this mission, the player comes across many heavenly objects, both familiar and unfamiliar, and learns some interesting facts about them! Although the hope of the mission is to travel all the way to Cygnus X-1, any information acquired by discovering new planets will help in the research. The mission ends when the player successfully returns to base after exploring their heart’s content!

How we built it:

Operation Cygnus X-1 was programmed in python using the library pygame. Our title screens and spaceship sprites were all designed and created in Photoshop and Illustrator with additional images from Unsplash.

Challenges we ran into:

A lot. Creating a game from scratch using pygame is a herculean task! It took us several hours of brainstorming to find the perfect idea that was in line with the theme of the hackathon and something that we were really interested in. We came up with several ideas initially and even started to write code for one of them only to realize those ideas were actually not up to the mark and needed a lot more thought into it. Since we are only a team of two, we were at a significant disadvantage and we had to speed up the process by many notches.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re proud of the fact that we were actually able to complete this project in under 30 hours, given our inexperience with hackathons like these. Despite the team containing just the two of us, we defied all odds by working together as a single entity and producing our best possible results by the end of the hackathon! We’re also proud of the fact that we really liked what we did since it was a culmination of our interests and passion and we hope that others who’re playing our game like it too!

What we learned:

A lot of pygame and cool facts about space!

What's next for Operation Cygnus X-1

We want to add more fun features to the game! We have already thought of some interesting features like implementing cool animations, adding in more planets and other celestial bodies that could make the game more interesting to play! We also hope that as we keep improving the game, people can learn something more about astronomy and outer space every time they play!

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