This project was inspired by the rules of this hackathon to make awesome art out of maps - and YES we went 3D!

How it works

I use OpenStreetMap data and generate drivable Unity3D roads with a physics based car to drive them. Clusterpoint is used as an intermediary.

Challenges I ran into

In making this project, I saw that maps from the colorful search engine we all use - are heavily restricted. I learned about the Open Street Map project that aims to open up map data. I chose to use and support that initiative at the core of this "game".

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I see this simulator being used to aid humanity. One of the biggest obstacles in getting aid to remote places is navigating roads. Often there are only a handful of locals that know the roads and if they're not willing or able to navigate then aid can not get where it needs to get. With OpenStreetMap Open Road, anyone can practice and learn the roadway in safety before heading out. A driver can better prep days in advance and emerging drivers can learn local roads safely.

What I learned

Unity development, car physics, bridge construction, terrain variance, data mapping, so much, maybe a separate "making of" video will follow

What's next for OpenStreetMap Open Road

This is the beginning of a very fun and practical application of map data. Since the video was shot, I've integrated terrain elevation, and have made significant performance optimizations. I hope to include truck physics and develop a real world solution in the coming months.

I'll be looking for the next geospatial conference to present my work and it's applications.

I may also approach the Cadasta Foundation to propose a solution where land owners can drive their land remotely.

The demo is very much scaled down for time, and rendering.

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