Because of Covid19 virus pandemic, airports are now empty, planes on the ground, economical damage is more than 250 billion for the airlines industry. To re-open the skies we need to re-establish confidence in flying, need to enable trustworthy sharing of personal, health and location data between people, devices health, organisations and border control systems.

Existing programs like the 'Known Traveler Digital Identity' (KTDI) by the World Economic Forum, One ID of the IATA and the 'Identity for Development' (ID4D) and many programs for Decentralized Identities and Covid19 contact tracing and Immunity Digital Certificate need to be integrated in one global scale-able platform, api and sdk.

What it does

We develop an state of the art open source and open standards based paperless and biometrics platform, api and sdk to be able easy integration with existing air-travel, health systems and border control systems

There are now a number of restrictions on the wake of COVID19, these restrictions will continue to exist in one form or another for a short period of time and it might be extended as well.

Permissions may need to be granted before a traveler is allowed to board. Our proposal is a solution to enable this process and the ability to validate that travelers are compliant with the requirements and permission has been granted.

How I built it

We used android mobile platform for proof of concept and integrated with restfull api's with Tech5 biometrics system.

Challenges I ran into

We were facing couple of challenges on technical level and to make a video for submission. We needed to work with one of our partners on license files to work with our platform. This was solved in one day.. We needed to create a video without much material so used public videos from the web and created screens ourselves.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Technical integration of our platform with biometric verification of Tech5 was done in one day. The traction we gained from stakeholders like Skyteam, UNDP, GSMA, WorldBank and others are overwhelming..

What I learned

how to make pitch video in one day.

What's next for OpenGate

We will be continuing our development of the platform, publishing the whitepaper with UNDP, do proof of concept in Sudan with the Worldbank and start engaging more stakeholders for funding, grants, ngo sponsorships to get the first year of funding and build a sustainable long term transaction based model and membership based revenues.

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posted an update

OpenGate has evolved before and during the hackathon with unprecedented traction and impact! We are overwhelmed with the potential use of our platform, api and sdk to re-open the skies again for beloved-ones to be re-united, to help recover from economic lock down and to re-establish confidence in flying after opening the gates again!

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