we know that because of coronavirus , no one can travel to any place. so we made the traveling easy and safe from home.

What it does

the're virtual maps which created by us in blender, and we uploaded it to our website to make people travel from home, and walk in the place like a travelers.

How I built it

we built the map in blender, built the website, and then uploaded them to server

Challenges I ran into

how can i open the 3D model in website, but the team worked on it and we did it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we made the website and the maps , we made the traveling easy and safe

What I learned

learned some experience in web development and 3D modeling , but i think the best thing that i learned is the teamwork.

What's next for OL Tourism

we work in site to cover all places in Egypt then all the world

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