Many first year university students are not familiar with the city around them, and with a full course load schedule and limited knowledge about financing daily expenses that would eventually include rent, utilities, and much more, it becomes a very intimidating and overwhelming process. From our personal experiences, we created the app ONEhome that tackles the issue of 1) lack of personalized user experience that traditional off-campus housing offers 2) inadequate financial knowledge and 3) unclear resources/aid that are available in midst of a busy schedule

What it does

Our app ONEhome offers a personalized, convenient, and visual platform to look at off-campus student housing near the user's university. Based on the profile the user has created, which asks various detailed questions regarding his/her preferences, ONEhome will gather a list of potential housing for the user to look at. Simply by going through the photos, the user can swipe right to save the post or swipe left to disregard. ONEhome also offers features such as: every housing post offers estimated cost of living based on rent, furniture, utilities, and transportation, getting connected with the landlord through a messaging-style function, and getting advice from a financial advisor or off-campus advisor, all in one place.

How I built it

We designed the app UX/UI using Figma. For our sample code to filter through housing options, we used python and jupyter.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge that we went through was actually learning the necessary skills to create our prototype. We had to learn how to use the Figma features to create exactly what we had in mind (the swipe left and right feature) as well as use jupyter to sort data based on user inputs. Our team has had no prior experience working both of these tools.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are most proud of finishing a product for our first hackathon using tools that we have not used before. We are proud to finish 11 pages of design, complete a sample code that would simulate filtering through housing options, and a powerpoint to showcase that all, in less than 12 hours.

What I learned

We learned how to use Figma and collaborate effectively on it together. We also learned how to use the basics of jupyter and use it to create the sample code. Overall, we enjoyed the challenges we've overcame and learned lots through the workshops and completing this project that we found was a practical solution to an issue in our university lives.

What's next for ONEhome

What's next for ONEhome is completing the entire logistics of the app and its algorithms to perform our ideas. Also, what's next for ONEhome is connecting with various companies/websites to agree to join our app and make ONEhome applicable and useful to a wider range of audience (across Canadian universities and more than just first year university students).

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