I want to use Myo to build up my Robot Hand, but my Robot hand was broken down and I don't know why. It really make me feel like that I want to hit the earth, and then, I realized that I can use Myo to build-up a boxing game

What it does

When you hit your fist, the myo will calculate your speed of your fist, and a ScoreBoard will show your level based on the LEDs and Arduino, and the system and the GUI is built with Processing. You can use Gestures to decided when to start and when to restart.

Special Thanks to Zhang Yuxiang

How I built it

Coffee and Energy + Myo-processing Library by darius_morawiec + Laser-Cut&Fabrication in ITP

Challenges I ran into

To fix my robot hands, to earn OpenBCI, to find the exact library, to restart the Myo once error happens

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It looks cool and it works good, and it really release my pressure after four midterms

What I learned

The library of Myo, the usage of OpenBCI, bunch of new friends

What's next for One Punch

Instead of One-Punch, maybe do something else, still continue to do the robot hands, maybe use Myo and OpenBCI to control it.

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