Blogs comparing and rating apps and softwares related to a specific theme or issue.

What it does

One for All collates and compares apps or websites that provide tools, advice and services that allow for a more sustainable lifestyle. By clicking on one of the interactive pieces of furniture the user is brought to the related digital catalogue were they can browse different services available in that category. The choice can be further refined by selecting the kind of service/ tool needed. The catalogue provides the user with a brief description of the service and with a direct link to the platform.
By grouping them and making them more accessible it facilitates finding the perfect tool for every need and it helps discover new areas of everyday life that may be fertile for a transition to sustainability.

How we built it

Having Wix as a base platform we created an interactive user interface using embedded JavaScript and Adobe Illustrator for graphics. Additionally we utilised Sandbox to display the services we previously grouped and stored in a database.

Challenges we ran into

We had some problems using our time efficiently due to not being able to work on the platform at the same time. Learning how to use Wix and the Velo APIs efficiently was quite challenging as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to create an immersive and fun experience without having any previous knowledge on Web developing!

What we learned

How to use JavaScript for Front End development and how to navigate Wix.

What's next for One For All

Ideally we would like to create a blog-like feature to allow for people to share suggestions and rate different services. In the meantime we would love to keep expanding and adjusting the database to make it as complete and relevant as possible.

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