Two simple things we wanted: 1) a quick, fun way to profile an address 2) a way to answer the question, "What's the Wicker Park (a Chicago neighborhood) of Los Angeles?"

What it does

Gives a tailored address profile that spans the people, housing, lifestyle and amenities of the surrounding area. Also gives users the ability to search for areas similar to one address in the same or a different city.

How we built it

The three of us combined our skills in graphic design, illustration, data analysis, front-end design, javascript, meteor, nodejs and mongodb over the course of three weeks.

Challenges we ran into

Procuring, standardizing and uploading the data was very cumbersome, as was creating the search algorithm. Exporting all of the pictures. Rethinking layouts and color schemes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our dataset is nationwide and leverages a proprietary matching algorithm which we developed internally. Our custom front-end design and profile pictures are unique, and the website works across all devices.

What we learned

Too much to write about! Color combinations. Grid layouts. MongoDB Spatial Indexes. Adobe Illustrator. Meteor. OpenStreetMap. Data aggregation. We've learned a great deal, and will use it to think of improvements for the next version.

What's next for OKLocate!

We will continue rethinking and recreating just about everything. There are data and design improvements that we are excited to implement.

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