We knew we wanted to do an AR experience and we wanted to try something around context-sensitive or space-sensitive language practice. We couldn't get the language piece working, but some of what we had already done transferred nicely to an AR game inspired by Pac-Man.

What it does

The Invisible Octopus Invaders have landed. We didn’t have time to perfect our OctoLens goggles, so you can only see them through a very narrow band that expands your visible light spectrum. But you can hear them coming. Don’t let them touch you!

Run around and collect coins while avoiding giant octopuses. Run and hide behind furniture. Listen closely for their approaches and dodge them. Pick up a flamethrower to ward them off for a few seconds.

How we built it

Scene built in Unity using C# and deployed to HoloLens. Models/particle effects: some custom, some sketchfab.

Challenges we ran into

Many hours spent configuring machine for deployment to HoloLens.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A quick pivot that used what we had done so far and turned it into something we could ship.

What we learned

We got experience with Unity, HoloLens, design, story, and whimsy!

What's next for Talktopus

Bigger than Titanic.

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