The project was inspired based on our prior Hajj experience and envisioning how the community-based navigation application can utilize technology and enhance Hajj experience for the Hajjis and provide give real-time analytics to authorities for crowd management.

What it does

It is a mobile app that uses community-based updates with google maps and Google play services in order to provide the best route for Hajji to travel smoothly from Mina to Jamarat. In addition, it provides the authorities with a dashboard view of the current crowd situation, trends building on the routes like congestion or blockage in order for them to take pro-active measures.

How we built it

We used Java for android that is integrated with Google map SDK and with the backend through RESTful API. Our backend built with Java deployed on Tomcat web server and our data stored in MySQL database. We also used the powrfull of Google cloud to buid a VM instance for our project and Bigquery with Google Data Studio for the dashboard.

Challenges we ran into

How to limit our scope in Haj Hackathon from overall routing application, and only focusing on Jamarat route as a prototype. We faced a challenge with the inerface between frontend and backend, however our professional developers have solved it efficiently.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of using DevOps methodolgoy of Design, Code, Test Deploy, Repeat. We dividied our project into four blocks and created timelines for each block effectively.

What we learned

We learned that team playing is an essential component of Hacakathon, and colloboration of all the participants has been an amazing experience.

What's next for O-065 Hajj Masterminds

We will be focusing on UX/UI enhancement and integrate with the governmenatl GIS authority to be able to plug in to the current and live updated maps of Mina and surrounding areas.

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