Nutrify makes Health data more accessible. The release of iOS 8 marked the introduction of the Health app, an app that would monitor your daily nutritional intakes. While this was indeed, a huge step towards a bright future that combined health with technology, I found that it was difficult to manually enter health data into the app. This is primarily because it is practically impossible to know the exact value of the specific nutrient in what you're eating (Eg: The vitamin C in your smoothie). This leaves a potentially revolutionary tool to be left untouched. That's where Nutrify comes in.

Nutrify allows you to search what you're eating, whether it's as vague as a brownie or as specific as a Chewy Fruit and Nut, Nature Valley Granola Bar. Then, it uses the Nutritionix API to retrieve the nutritional value of the food and it then feeds the value of each nutrient in the food, into the native Health app. That way, the data in the health app is more precise and can be used more effectively. In addition, you can scan the UPC code on a packaged food to directly get its nutritional value without having to search it. Finally, Nutrify retrieves your health data and compiles it into graphs to compare your progress with that of an average healthy person with a similar BMI.

[Future: The app would analyze health data and take into consideration, any health risks such as High Blood Pressure or Lactose Intolerance and would provide recipe suggestions (from an API such as Yummly) for the kinds of food you must eat in order to achieve a predefined target]

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