Reveal the hidden places in your notes.

Plan a trip. Write a movie script. Keep track of restaurants. Evernote is your ultimate tool for taking notes. And most likely, a lot of your notes mention interesting places from around the world: Memorable cities, the best film locations or great restaurants.

With NotePlaces you can instantly explore these places on a web map and clip screenshots back to the note.

Automagically identify places in your note

NotePlaces will analyze your note and identify places mentioned in the text. It understands places such as countries, cities, suburbs, lakes and zip codes from around the world and shows them on a map and in a table.

Explore the spatial context of your notes

All identified places are shown on a web map and you can jump from one place to another. Switch between street maps and satellite maps and even use Google Street View for detailed 360-degree panoramas. Of course, it's also possible to update your note's GPS coordinates.

Enhance your note with maps and Street View photos

At any time, you can clip parts of the map and store it back into to your note, so you have the note's content and your maps in one place, your Evernote account. You can even clip Street View photos it's like virtually taking photos and putting it into Evernote.

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