The idea came from Gloria, a student at FSU who had been wanting to develop this app. She found her inspiration from working with a company that would sell her notes to other college students for profit. She then decided to make an application where there would be a useful and efficient way for students to share notes for free. Once we heard her idea we decided to work with her on developing the app.

What it Does

NoteUp is an efficient app where college students can upload and redeem notes. How it works is that a student posts his/her notes on NoteUp. Fellow students would redeem the notes with a token. However, for a student to receive tokens, they must post notes that are liked by students. We will have admins supervise for quality. This way we can avoid those who posts bad notes to receive tokens. Then with the tokens acquired the student can redeem the notes they missed for class. Each day of notes would be worth tokens, and this would encourage students to not miss class continuously. Overall, this app would be a great resource for students who missed class due to an emergency or miss understood information the teacher said.

How we built it

To built this app we used XCode which is an IDE that uses the swift programming language. We also used as resource Stack Overflow and the condensed version of the swift manual in order to implement some of the functionality and debug some of the errors while creating the app.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges while building this app were many. At times we faced compiler run-time errors that took an hour or two to find and fix. Second was the swift programming language itself, because none of the members were fluent with the syntax and all the basics of the language.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we can bring an app which is very simple to use and with a functionality that would help college students improve their grade and learning skills. In due time this app will become the best repository for custom notes. This is because our notes are specific to the professor you are an student of. This will greatly impact your grade because many professors use the same material covered in class when they prepare their exams.

What we learned

We learned the value of being patient in order to get things to work. We also learned that no app ever gets done without sacrificing sleep especially at a Hackathon.

What's next for NoteUp

NoteUp will be scaled so that every University has it's own functional copy of the software.

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