It is usually hard to find places which will help you to reduce consumerism or recycling of products, therefore I created a listing platform that you can see the closest places in your neighborhood/area (via IP address) that will lead to a greener world! (such as second hand clothing shops, repair ateliers, recycling spots etc.)

How I built it

I used Ruby on Rails and a HTML theme to complete it. I deployed the whole application to Heroku which was a smooth process since I am familiar with it.

Challenges I ran into

Since I am a data scientist and doing front end projects as a hobby, the design of front end took quite a time! The original template has Google Maps therefore I had to find a good map service (thanks to OpenStreetMap and CARTO). I also had problems with marker cluster however I am glad the problem did not take too much!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

From the hackathon perspective, it is nice to help increasing awareness for a greener world.

Personally, I used to develop Rails apps 6-7 years ago and it is good to see I still keep some of the skills :-)

What I learned

Working with Leaflet.js and OpenStreetMaps!

What's next for Noncarbon

The map service will deactivate itself after a while (after 75k pageviews) so I need to find an alternative for that. And maybe I can add some features to increase visibility of places since it will be hard to distinguish them if the number of places increases quickly.

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