Find and share location updates as the world reopens. Live at:


This image describes the current state of our world: Image of COVID19

We are nowhere near the end of the pandemic, yet businesses must reopen to survive. How can we balance both our economy and health? noCov20 is the solution.

What it does

noCov20 is an easy-to-use platform where people of all ages can search and share their experiences at different locations. This allows people to identify places to avoid, what to keep in mind before coming, learn from the experiences of others, and continue social distancing while the world resumes.

Add your experiences on the live web app:

Behind-the-scene features:

  • Authentication
  • Token Expiration
  • Hashed and salted security
  • Lazy loading

Tech Stack


  • REACT: all UI, lazy-load for optimized performance, dynamic page changes without reloads
  • HTML/CSS: basics and styling


  • NODE.JS: Server
  • EXPRESS.JS: Framework for Node.js
  • MONGODB: persistent data storage
  • FIREBASE: hosts front-end
  • HEROKU: hosts back-end

Challenges I Overcame & Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my very first MERN app. I taught myself everything through reading documentation and online resources!

What's next for noCov20

This is an open-source project. I will continue to market and launch the MVP version and will update it with more features.

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