Currently, Political strife starts with people not voting. The largest reason people don't make it out to vote is the hassle of missing work in order to register to vote. It is unacceptable to be denied the right to vote because you do not have the time, money, or resources to.

What it does

No Vote Left Behind is a multi-function product that starts with a GoVote Card: A simple RIFD card that has a security token loaded in to authenticate the user. These can be requested to be sent to a user via traditional methods or can be generated through our GoVoteBox. The GoVoteBox allows a nonprofit or other government entity to create GoVoteCards paired with users credentials. Once a User has a GoVoteCard they can use the RFID tag to directly link to the website and transfer the security token, or a user can utilize a Generated QR code instead. Next, the user is asked to fill out the standard voter registration form. In the background, Recaptcha is providing another level of security to make sure that a bot is not trying to register on an individuals behalf. That form is locked and encrypted and stored in collaboration with Azure. This provides another robust level of security guarding the user's information. Finally, this form is sent digitally, or through fax, to the user's corresponding county for processing.

How we built it

Using Azure's virtual machine, we were able to quickly configure a Linux server running Flask and MySql database to take the input from the HHS and store it. Our Raspberry Pi hosts a similar Flask server. The user starts at this Pi when an official generates their unique validation token. This token is encoded onto both a QR code and an NFC chip. From there, the token is represented in a link that is used to securely generate a form for the user at their convenience through the Azure VM. This VM's DB stores the token so that we can ensure only the user can get to their online registration form by checking against said token. Once this form is submitted, our server processes the results and transcribes them onto the official PDF Voter Registration form. This form is then sent over fax using Python to the specified jurisdiction, based on the user's input.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating with the existing forms and documents used by the government. These forms are typically just normal pdf forms. In order to use those, we needed to reverse engineer the form using Adobe Pro to make a highly secure editable pdf that can be integrated into our webpage and delivery system. Further complications included programing the QR and RFID tag generators to also accept tokens and not interfere with one another.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

simply put, we are proud to be able to bring a working example of our project to the table. We believe strongly about building projects that are able to actually be used by the community today, and we are very proud to be able to bring No Vote Left Behind out today for use. Finally, we are proud of our team as this is three of our four team members first hackathon.

What we learned

The H in Hackathon stands for Help, whether it's helping your neighbor, or getting help yourself, the goal is a supportive network of individuals hacking for a better community. Its cliche to say but in a competitive environment, it's nice to be reminded you can count on fellow hackers. We also learned how to use Azure and Flask during this weekend.

What's next for No Vote Left Behind

In the future, we would like to provide follow up information notifying users of the confirmation of their registration. We would also like to provide a "fake news" free zone where candidates can be compared based on what their websites list them as support. This app would be called Real News. It would be compiled with a basic machine learning algorithm leveraging tensor flow to look for "news" articles that hold little political content or false "facts". This will be done to promote free and truthful articles the ability to be verified as such and to help educate the populace on topics they are interested in. Finally, the Ad revenue generated from the real news app will help pay to give out free IVoteBox's and IVote cards to further encourage everyone to be registered to vote.

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