NMON for Splunk is a Real Time system monitoring application for AIX, Linux and Solaris systems

Using the combined power of Splunk Enterprise and NMON performance monitor, the App provides a complete and customizable solution to manage very large deployments of Unix operating systems.

Nmon Splunk App can be used in various deployment scenarios and is highly configurable to fit as much as possible your needs, such as:

  • Real Time system monitoring using Splunk distributed Architecture with Universal Forwarders
  • Connect with central cold repositories to convert, index and exploit external Nmon data from your company
  • Connect with external configuration reference to map internal Frames Identifiers with hosts

The App massively uses Splunk Accelerated Data Models for best performances of interfaces and dashboards, with the goal to provide a simple and efficient user experience in System operational management.

Use the Application and discover the real situation of your Unix systems, compare consummations between periods, identify anomalies, and optimize your infrastructure, learn from your performance data !

Big Performance for Big Data volumes


At the very beginning of the project story, i discovered a very nice performance tool with Nmon (which is short for Nigel's Performance Monitor) very often used in big companies to capture performance and utilization metrics of big AIX systems, definitively powerful.

But i have been also very surprised that were such poor solutions to analyse and develop operational intelligence, especially for the real need of a transversal vision.

This is why i started to develop this project and opened it to anyone using an incredible highly configurable Big Data professional solution under the name of Splunk !


The new major branch V1.5 introduces the massive utilization of incredibly powerful Accelerated Data Models introduced with new Splunk 6.x

This major release is the result of a very important effort of development to get the best from acceleration, provides to people efficient interfaces, and a Splunk rich application that runs faster than ever !

Future for Nmon Splunk App

Nmon for Splunk will continue to be improved day after day, the cool interest and participation of people all around the world has proved to me that were a real interest and a real need for this solution, which i hope already provides important answers to real needs !

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