We conducted 10 customer development interviews and through this research all interviewees believed that they haven't harassed anyone online or have friends that have harassed others online. This plus the fact that most of the interviewees believe that harassment is different in different peoples eyes. This led us to wondering if the stem of the problem is self bias and lack of understanding.

What it does

Nice+ utilizes your social media information to help you figure out if you've ever harassed or said anything negative to an individual or a group of people online. Its very simple, we scan through all your Facebook posts and find your negative posts. Only you can see your negative posts in our app and from there you can take actionable steps to resolving the post by either deleting it, apologizing to the person or group you harassed, or ignore it if its a misunderstanding.

How we built it

We tried figuring out some of the core problems of online harassment at first. We then conducted a survey and came up with the UI/UX. On the tech side we utilized Google Cloud Natural Language API to do the sentiment analysis of user's latest 20 posts on Facebook

Challenges we ran into

Finding a good sentiment analysis api

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of coming up with an actual solution that can be executed as soon as we leave the hackathon. We made sure we weren't just building something for the cool factor or etc..

What we learned

Since 3/4 of our members where first timers they learned how to work on a team in a short time constraint.

What's next for Nice+

We want to make Nice+ a product that everyone wants to use so they can make the online environment a better place but to also protect their personal brand.

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