Most of us, at least once, have used tools like WolframAlpha,,, etc. What our team tried to do is to combine and simplify those tools, in a way that anyone could access them anywhere and from any device.

What it does

Newtonify computes mathematical calculation such as integration, factoring, expanding etc. We make use of our own API as the backend to do all the calculation on the server and we've developed several applications to demonstrate it.

How we built it

Backend - Python Django Framework with REST Web app - Angular Mobile app - Ionic

Challenges we ran into

Creating secure REST API responses Rendering the LaTeX to the view

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've created an easy to use API for all the people who are willing to develop these types of mathematical operations.

Creating web and mobile applications that use the API to prove its ease of use

What we learned

Learned Ionic framework, Django-REST, LaTeX renderring, and Teamwork

What's next for Newtonify

Making the API public by creating API key and registration page.

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