News can be hard to understand without context or the right background knowledge. It's tricky for newer readers and with our high paced lifestyles we dedicate less time to keeping up with world events. It shouldn't have to be that way!

What it does

NEWSee takes breaking headlines and transform them into quick and informative digests! We supplement this with well researched 'background knowledge' to give context and visually stimulating infographics to engage all users.

How we built it

Using html and css, we built a platform that allows our content creator, content researcher, graphic designer and front-end developer to put up the important articles and its 'need-to-knows' onto the NEWSee website. It includes a menu page with today's top headlines, articles, resources (with links) and infographics made by us!

Challenges we ran into

Each of our team members are in their first Computer Science class this semester, so we still have a lot to learn and building a whole website seemed challenging. We had to work around what was feasible and what we envisioned. Also, learning a new language in the short time and using it to code was definitely something tricky..

Accomplishments that we're proud of

NEWSee is really proud of our team and what we were able to complete in the short time, given our minimal coding knowledge. Together we worked really well and were able to create a webpage with a sleek logo, infographics, summary articles and research that we had created together. We're proud of how pretty and cohesive our site looks and for creating something with html and css when we had little clue how to do that.

What we learned

Working together, we learnt how to code, synthesize information (a deceivingly hard task), create interesting content, make infographics, buy a domain, debug code, using github and so much more. Everything was so new to us and we took so much out of this experience.

What's next for NEWSee

Our mission was to make news visual, quick and informative. At the moment, everything runs manually, but in the future we would love to see:

--> data scraping to select frequently referenced articles and to load on our site

--> data scraping to identify 'pop-up' keywords to help narrow context research

--> code more graphics (such as hover-over feature for headlines) and smoother transitions

--> continue with infographics creation

--> create an email briefing system for subscribers

--> potentially mobile app

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