We realized the demand was way more important than the demand in the social market of hosting. And we find out that some associations has very specific criteria to allow an hotel to host refugees or social customers. So we decided to highlight the potential market, to help associations to have a broader choice and host in better conditions and also to allow hotels to realise the could start a new activity and make money for a good cause.

What it does

It give a rating for regions, department and commune by looking at all the infrastructure and social public services that are important to help refugees to get integrated. Then, as you ZOOM IN on the areas of your choice you are able to see all the hotels that could host refugees in this area. If you have more requirement you can always filter those hotel with the criteria on the side, made specifically to help associations find the best hotel for their refugees or homeless people.

How we built it

We gather a lot of database from the internet and build a strong and readable database that we could analyse with the help of our beloved datascientist.

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