Inspiration: From a non technical background in my middle age, I wanted to challenge myself to jump into the amazing world of Web3. To see what people have achieved in this space has motivated me to believe I can follow suit

What it does: It has led me to realize my potential that until now did not exist. It can also be financially rewarding and gives me a potential alternate source of income

How I built it: Using simple software like Adobe Photoshop which are beginner friendly

Challenges I ran into: Recreating my art from paper to computer was a painful affair and high-definition images on an old computer took forever to load. And then getting upskilled on new software was equally challenging but a fun affair

Accomplishments that I am proud of: Finally, I feel the outcome has exceeded my expectation and the NFT I created has been appreciated by friends and family

What I learned: regardless of how daunting the task could be, if you persist the right end result can be achieved

What's next for Nervos Ape -Diehard CKB Fan: If this does well, I would be encouraged to start a series of my own Nervos apes

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