Stumbled upon Nervos Network during Covid last year while learning about crypto and blockchain. Got excited when launched for global users after mibao hence decided to try it. While thinking of what to mint, we decided to use the unique shape of the logo 'N' from the Nervos logo as a base shape for our character designs. We greatly believe in the future of Nervos and want to promote it through NFT artwork.

What it does

To become the Bearbrick of blockchain. Character designs are unique, original and designed by hand. Different unique themes create interesting collectables and as an investment for people to earn CKB through trading it (ultimate goal win win for everyone) as each NFTs are limited and scarce.

How we built it

Design it through Adobe photoshop & Adobe illustrator

Challenges we ran into

Time. As both me & my partner have a full-time job and all the designs are designed individually one by one, we find it hard to keep up with the demand. Also we think needs to be known by more people to bring in new buyers and investors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Manage to sale some NFTs and feel that our artwork is being appreciated! Even did a special collaboration with too.

What we learned

We learnt the process of setting up an account on blockchain and minting an NFT is super easy via Unipass. More importantly without the gas fee and complicated task to create a blockchain wallet like openSEA.

What's next for NervCatz

We believe the idea and concept of NervCatz is very original and has a lot of potential in the future for it to grow. To keep creating and promote nervos blockchain via lovable characters of NervCatz *Meow

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