We began brainstorming ideas for our app by first reflecting on widespread issues we're currently facing in the United States, one of which, including the health repercussions that college students face every day. With our app, we hope to help college students better navigate through their exhausting and sleepless days.

What it does

Our app begins by asking the user, "How are you feeling?" Following that, they can choose between the options of "Tired", "Sad", "Thirsty", or "Sleepy".

On the Tired page, they will find a counter for the number of coffee cups they've had (it's dangerous to consume over four per day!) as well as a map of the nearby coffee shops. On the Sad page, they will find a meme, joke, or cute animal picture that will be randomly generated every day. On the Thirsty page, they will find a counter for the number of water cups they've consumed, a map of the nearby free, water fountain stations, and a form in which they can submit new locations for free water. On the Sleepy page, they will find a map of the best nap locations on campus along with a form in which they can submit location suggestions.

From each of these pages, the user can also access the Homepage and the Help page. On the Homepage, they can select a new option that they feel and on the help page, they can submit a question or suggestion to us!

How I built it

We coded the app using Swift and we designed the buttons using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Challenges I ran into

It was very difficult to perfect the layouts for each page, implement the GIF files on the Thirsty and Tired pages, and work with the pinching/scrolling functions provided by Swift.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're very proud of the overall user interface design and graphics we produced, the efficient user experience implemented, and the general interactivity of our app!

What I learned

Since this was a very new coding language for most of us, we each learned a lot about the potential that Swift holds to build very engaging and fun applications!

What's next for Needy

  • We plan to implement more options for the user to choose from: e.g. "Hungry" (give them nearby food options), "Studious" (map the best study areas and lounges), "Lonely" (redirect them to a number of dating apps and Youtube love gurus), and more!
  • Push notifications to remind people to drink water, to take a nap, etc.
  • Enact API's and other Swift functions
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