The inspiration for the project was from our personal experiences of cruises which were filled with fewer memories of joy and more memories of waiting in endless queues to use the amenities or be in overcrowded areas that were beyond capacity which it difficult for everyone to enjoy. This is why felt there is a need for an app that empowers the user with data to stay away from the crowded areas of the ship.

What it does and How we built it

First, we use Swift to create an iPhone app which receives the wifi hotspot number. This number tells us the location of the consumer without disclosing their identities which is essential for safety and privacy. Then that number is accepted by a python code which used jinja and flask in order to display to the user the locations close by and their capacity in real time. Then we used an API to get this data back to the user on the app and display in an orderly fashion using html5

Challenges we ran into

Towards the end, we found it difficult to scale our app for phones as all the output appeared to be very small. This was one of the biggest humps in our progress through the last 24 hours.

What we learned

2 of the members on our team were unfamiliar with swift which was a great learning experience. Moreover, All the 3 members of our team are of varying levels of coding experience which is why we were able to learn a ton from one another besides code and logic. For instance, we became familiar with the concept of finishing large projects within a deadline much like what would be expected of us in a professional environment. We were also able to pick up Illustrator skills for making the logo.

What's next for Nav

Nav at its core is a navigation app on the basis of crowd concentration in areas of interest. This is a very good application for theme parks and adds map integration. This would help create a heat map to give the user a more detailed experience. This would also mean we could use Nav for busses.

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