Inspiration: Inspired by one of our teammates' father's struggle with epilepsy, we created an app that allows your sensor to send a textmessage or twitter notification to a close family member.

What it does: The muscle sensor and vibration sensor will later be designed to become a flexible waterproof sensor that could be worn like a patch. This sensor would send high frequencies of vibrations/muscle tensions to our webpage designed by bluemix watson. When a specific time is reached and the vibrations/muscle tensions continue, then the webpage is designed to send a text message AND a twitter message to a loved one.

Things we're proud of: With it being a website, anyone may access it by using their own sensor. This website designed with Bluemix Watson, incorporates twilio and twitter, which makes the process of contacting your loved one about the happening of a seizure. A twitter message was included in case there was no reception, yet you still had internet;]

Challenges we ran into: The main problem was that a raspberry pi3 was not capable of reading analog inputs,since muscle tension is read in voltage.

What's next for myEpisense: One of our team members is currently beginning her first proposal on nano-technology and wearable sensors, she hopes to expand this by creating an actual wearable sensor that can be patented and published.As a team we hope to help her achieve this.

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