The inspiration for this application stemmed from the inconvenience of searching for the right music at the right time. Why not use your facial expressions (or others) and let us handle the songs for you!

What it does

This mobile app generates a playlist of songs based on the emotions captured in a photo. The emotions are identified using Microsoft’s Cognitive API, from which we leveraged their leading algorithms in emotion detection. Combined with a mobile device, your phone now becomes the “emotional” mobile jukebox!

How we built it

We built it using Java alongside with the Android SDK, Spotify’s SDK and powering the emotion detection is Microsoft’s Cognitive Emotion API. We also made use of third party libraries to assist us in generating features such as the Radar Graph that depicts the emotions detected by the Microsoft Cognitive API. For the UI and prototype, we used Figma, Sketch3, Adobe Illustrator and Invision.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into some troubles midway through after connecting Spotify and our application together, the issue was to do with prioritizing what to accomplish at first, and soon transitioned into more of a technical problem that involved the use of Microsoft Cognitive API. We initially had some issues with the transmission of data from the user to the API, but that got resolved quickly with the aid of the kind mentors at the Microsoft booth. After jumping over the hurdle, the bulk of the other issue was detecting and tracing the issues that the application faced.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Producing a working functioning application within 36 hours, and it makes some pretty sick tunes too!

What we learned

We learned that prioritizing over the quantity of features wasn’t the most important thing, rather the quality and experience that we gain from creating the application together as a team. Effective communication and teamwork is required from both the developers side of things and the graphical, arts side of the application.

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