Due to covid19, everyone has been isolated from their family and friends. Now more than ever is the need for us to connect with ourselves. When you are feeling low and confused on what music you can listen to that will lift up your spirits this app will recommend some songs to you. Music helps us connect ourselves.

What it does

Detects your mood and recommends music accordingly. The fashion accessory (for prototype scenario its a brooch) will have a chip embedded in it. After the user buys the product from our website and its shipped, the user will get a QR code embedded in the brooch. This will help uniquely identify the user's vitals and help them add the brooch to the app. The app now gets vitals readings and recommends music based the mood. For eg, it will recommend calming songs when you're frustated and cheerful songs when you're sad.

How I built it

We used Adobe illustrator, Adobe XD, Google Slides, YouTube, GitHub. The code was written using python, opencv, google-cloud and google-vision-api. We first discussed what each of us wanted to work on, and then used Hopin to connect with Mentors and getting their reviews. Each mentor call helped us get closer to streamlining the direction we wished to work in. Post brainstorming, we divided our work.

  • Kirthana - presentation
  • Shrusti - broach design
  • Tanya - app prototype and video

Challenges I ran into

Figuring out the budget was difficult since we had to account for all costs that can be experienced. Since we weren't familiar with hardware, we used tinkercad and browsed through different temperature sensors. Mood has been detected using facial recognition ability of the Google Vision API, instead of using hardware.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The product we designed together and good teamwork. We had a mix of UI/UX designer, Fashion designer and a Mechanical Engineer - this ensured we could play to our strengths as well as learn from each other.

What I learned

Teamwork, listening, working on time based and meeting the deadlines. We realised how everyone's ideas can be incorporated by tweaking the problem statement itself. It was an exhilirating experience using the Google cloud vision API and get my webcam to work and print the mood depending on facial expression.

What's next for MusicMood

We aim to convince investors for our project and further develop it better.

  • Expanding from brooch to other fashion accessories like bracelets, earrings and pendants (ones where a chip can measure the vitals properly)
  • Personalisation - Everyone wants to be unique and have a brooch which is a representation of their personality
  • Community - Working with companies with a strong message that resonates with the people. They can customise accessory design and have products which have their logo/message, etc

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