Before today's AR technology, there were photo-booth areas as an easy-to-use machines where we could take funny and entertaining photos with our friends and keep them as memories. With the visual materials here, we were able to capture the moment by posing with actual materials in a booth with our friends at the current event. Today, we can do this much faster, in various and advanced versions, thanks to the filters on our phones. Inspired by this, we developed the Museum of You, imagining that there are fun filters together and that we can see it in a single area. We aimed to create our memorial museum by combining the photo booth and the memory collection, thus presenting the past and the present together.

What it does

The lens provides to create your own memorial museum of you by combining 8 filter looks in a portal museum. First, user create billbord of museum then complete artworks in museum selecting each picture-frame in museum and giving pose. Lastly, user can collect all photos and walk inside the museum to see memorial-collection.

Museum of You

How we built it

It is a portal based lens providing create your own museum using 8 different lenses in one. It is built in Lens studio and face-morph, face inset, 3d head accessories, distortion used to create different entertaining lenses to show capabilities in visual effect.

Challenges we ran into

The portal includes 8 different lenses in order to create a museum collection within itself. Texture and 3d optimization is the first challenge encountered for easy installation and use. In addition, the number of content had to be limited in order to enable easy movement within the portal and to fit the filters. With memory enhancement, the museum collection can become even richer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to easily present individual experiences at a single point, and provide a real gallery view of the photo gallery thanks to the portal feature in Lens Studio. Thus, users will be able to create their own virtual museums and open their virtual museums to visitors by sharing this lens experience.

What we learned

Museum of You

We managed to collect many lenses in one spot and use portal lenses. We learned that different effects can be achieved by changing the materials in the Lens Studio material library and the filters in it.

What's next for Museum of You

Increasing the number of artifacts in the Museum and a much more comprehensive version of many experiences that can be included in a single lens.

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