Imagine it's 12 AM, and you're up working, and hungry. But you gotta keep working, so you can't just get up and leave - and your stomache isn't getting any fuller.

Are you interested in having In-N-Out delivered by a fellow student when you have been unable to go yourself?

Want to feel satisfaction in life by making a Chipotle run for sleep deprived folks in the 24 hr study room?

Or want to get a free coffee sample when going to Trader Joes to get some cookie butter ice cream for those stressed during midterms/finals week?

Enter: MunchBusters.

MunchBusters is a food delivery service where people who want food from any, or a particular, location (Munchers) can interact with other people who can deliver (Busters) to arrange a food delivery. Prices for the actual service are negotiable among the two parties.

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