Munch Match


We believe that when you have lunch with a group or just another (random) person, that goes to your school or work, it's a great way to connect, meet new people, and engage within the community. It's also a cool ice breaker!

Additionally, based on a NYTimes article, they believe that "the most productive employees are ones that build larger networks by rotating dining companions".

What it does

For demo purposes, once you enter the website, you can login and then select which type of food you like. Then it will pair you up with somebody random that has the same taste in food as you. Since we have a small amount of users registered, we did not implement a section to select which school or job you attend; however, that is our ultimate goal!

How we built it

  • We built this web app using the MEAN stack.
  • MaterializeCSS framework.
  • To deploy the application we used AWS and Dokku.
  • Integrated the Auth0 API for users to login.
  • Created logo design with Adobe Illustrator.

Challenges we ran into

  • Trying to make the website responsive
  • Navigating through the different pages
  • User data issues
  • Putting together the objects for related food types

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • How the logo came out
  • We were able to finish a good portion of the project

What's next for Munch Match

Implement a school and work section to essentially connect people within their communities and bring them closer together with a great lunch.

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