We were inspired by the different fitness apps that exist today however, we wanted a way to for these apps to be specifically catered to a multiple sclerosis patient's lifestyle.

What it does

An all in one app to improve nutrition, exercise, sleeping habit and emotions for multiple sclerosis patients. After researching various ways to improve the lifestyles of multiple sclerosis patients, we devised an app that serves as a "pocket pal" to the user, allowing them to log their physical activities, food intake, sleep intake, and emotional well being, then using the inputed data to track the overall well being of the user.

How we built it

Using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, and Clip Studio Paint

Challenges we ran into

Technical challenges such as some members learning how to use Adobe Illustrator for the first time (on demand) and conflict of ideas/taste when it comes to design

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the aesthetic of the app. We opted for a colourful theme but tied the colours together by introducing muted tones. We wanted to create an app that was welcoming for users and didn't have that "serious hospital visit feel"

What we learned

We learned quite a few things about time management, working in a small time frame really tests one's ability to work under pressure and working with a team. We learned how to better communicate with each other in a small time frame, and the working habits of each team member so we can better designate roles to them.

What's next for MS-MATE

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