Looking at successful viral campaigns focused on those dealing with adversity, and getting inspiration from the success of Humans of New York.

What it does

  • Includes a Humans of MTW project outlined and clarified, including the development of a Twitter bot and outlines for an Instagram and Facebook bot that can trace the #HumansofMTW as people share their stories, and then be privately messaged a one-time use coupon code that can be used in-store/online.
  • Outlines a Campus Ambassador Program to engage the collegiate communities around it to have engagement with the college community around their brick and mortar location.
  • Details an MTW Podcast to integrate the general public and involve them with the guest authors and performers that present in-store.
  • Centralized Affordable Housing Directory created by pulling listings from various housing directories in the Greater Boston Area to and then cleaned and normalized into CSV format.
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