Mapping Unclaimed Security Deposits in the city of toronto

based off of the clusterpoint map demo


A tool to help map unclaimed security deposits in the city of Toronto totalling in the 10's of thousands of dollars! The theme is like a map with X's to mark the spot of the treasure!


People love to complain about the government taking their money. The city is basically offering it back to people and no ones taking it. What a travesty!


This project is using Clusterpoint Rest API to request data from our Open street map database copy.

The data used is parsed from the City of Toronto OpenData initiative. The data is stored with the help of a clusterpoint database.

Google's Geocoding service is used to convert data to latlngs

Leaflet.js was used in the sidebar, layers and markers

Mapbox.js was used in designing the map ( used one of their templates with my own style adjustments)

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