This VR tool stemmed from the difficulty with spacial configuration in interior design. As designers, we want to help people solve real world problems that expand beyond the tech sphere.

What it does


  • Scaling Objects
  • Recolour walls
  • Spawn furniture
  • Delete Objects
  • UI Tooltips
  • Furniture Catalogue
  • Laserpointer
  • Background Music
  • Change Scene on UI Click

Challenges we ran into

Interaction distribution on the Vive Controller - we wish to streamline the user experience to be less button heavy and more immersive.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being resourceful and finding appropriate assets/scripts rather than creating unnecessary work

What we learned

VR UI Design and implementation.

What's next for Model VRoom

We intend to incorporate IKEA furniture so users may have a wider range of options. Additional features include doors, outdoor design, and recommendations according to themes (ie. 'Vacation home,' 'Island Retreat,')

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