Some of us use public transportation because we do not have other option, and some of us don't like it at all. But what If we changing that perception of public transportation. With moby we want to change the experience of travelling with public transportation.

What it does

Moby is a mobile app that will allow the commuters to play interactive games inside the bus and while waiting in the bus station. Also it will allow it users to buy the tickets and plan their travelling route

How I built it

Due to the time, we decided just to focus on working on the idea and making a prototype of the app

Challenges I ran into

While working on the idea we had different opinion of the features the app should have

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to come up with the Moby app concept which will make the commuters use more the travelling the public transport and therefore reduce the pollution footprint of the cities.

What I learned

We learned about the challenges that the Finnish public transportation is facing and we brainstorm ways to overcome them

What's next for Moby

  • Further R&D of the technologies that will be required to implement the whole concept -Design and develop appropriate games
  • Develop the app and its back-end

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