Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Planning Workshop is actually a 2-hour collaborative remote session which serves as a stepping stone in the lean product development process for startups. The workshop will guide you through a proven process of defining a preliminary product development strategy and result in a product identity with only the core visual assets. Such an approach enables startups to create products that will engage early adopters and generate conversations in only a week.

What are the goals of the workshop?

-Align on the Product's identity.

-Have a structured conversation about the brand.

-Make some implicit ideas more explicit.

-Prepare for Product design work.

Who's it for?

-Early-stage startups creating their first Product.

-Startups that are facing a pivot and need to change their product identity

-Scaling startups that need to make their initial product more relevant to existing customers

-Entrepreneurs trying to build or rebuild product within their organization.

How does it work?

The workshop is designed primarily for entrepreneurs and their product and/or marketing teams. It's advised that it is led by an experienced facilitator and that the brand designer is present at the workshop to get a live design brief and be able to ask follow-up questions.

You will be guided through key topics:

-The why (5 min)

-Audience (5 min)

-Product name (15 min)

-Product values (30 min)

-Product personality (30 min)

-Positioning (15 min)

-Closing - Design brief (10 min)

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