We all came from a gaming background, so it only made sense to expand on what we know, and create something we had not seen!

What it does

Allows you to play 3 set minigames without using any normal controls such as a mouse and keyboard, an xbox controller, a flight stick, a drum pad, or even an off the shelf steering wheel!

How we built it

Lots of hot glue and determination! But also an arduino, a makey-makey, an Oculus Rift, and a magnetic card reader!

Challenges we ran into

Arduino communication into Unity can be difficult sometimes, errors will really tear you down, and finding a printer on Campus at 12am is hard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using a magnetic card to sign into a game is truly a great thing to create! No mouse input necessary! Also, using an arduino was something we thought we would struggle with!

What we learned

A lot of Photoshop was learned from this project! Also, VR is really something else when paired with other sensors and hardware!

What's next for Minigames Using Unconventional Controls

Hopefully we can find some really crazy controls to use in the future!

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