I'm in love with old games and always wanted to re-make some for Instagram in Spark AR. Though a lot of people are not aware of real retro games, I decided to make something almost everyone knows — the Minesweeper game from Windows.

Concept and gameplay

This is a classic logic game with a simple strategy to understand, yet sometimes hard to win. Every opened cell in the field is empty or numbered. The number shows how many mines are around the cell. A player has to analyze the numbers, determine where are the mines, and flag the cells. Sometimes a player has to open cells it randomly cause it's impossible to determine. The UI allows to move, rotate, and scale the field. A single tap opens a cell, long tap flags.


The game is build using 99% pure javascript and only a small amount of patches. During the development of this game, I made a simple animation library for Spark AR and a fast object/material/texture loader to avoid using promises and make the code simpler.

What's next?

The next step will be harder. I'm planning to build Minesweeper as a cubical surface and put a player inside it or just leave a cube on a plane tracker.

Built With

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