Living in a technological age, finding a tutor should not be an issue, and yet it continues to weigh on students' shoulders.

What it does

Minervix is a website that connects you to other students like you who are either seeking tutors or someone to tutor them. It does so by gathering data such as your major, skills set, and class grades to match you with a student who needs help or a tutor willing to help, depending on your needs.

How we built it

In terms of the algorithmic that Minervix uses: to run the calculations, we input data into Google Forms, auto-populated Google Sheets, then exported it as JSON. We then transferred that data to arrays and used an algorithm to match tutors to desired values. As for the Backbone, we used HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP to create the backbone of our website. We used Adobe XD and Adobe Illustrator to create the design for both our website and what our final product, if we had more time, would look like.

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge in terms of the backbone was that there were only two of us who had ever touched upon HTML, and that was the very basics. We divided this work into two people and had the challenge of learning HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript in a night to be able to develop the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to learn so many things in less than 24 hours! Given we were all beginners and had never created an entire working website from scratch, we were very proud of how far we got in our website.

What we learned

We learned many languages, as well as together created a website as much as we could given our time. Except for one member, it was the first hackathon for the rest of the team.

What's next for Minervix

Given the time given, we went as far as we could with our website. Some next steps would be:

  • creating a more secure form where the user's data would be stored
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