Our team was looking to make something that could help people organize their money in an effective, efficient and visually appealing way.

What it does

Users of Mindful Money are able to add their individual expenses based by category into a running list. In addition, a pie chart of all the expenses the user has will be displayed at the center of the screen. The application maintains the data for each user even when refreshing the page.

How we built it

We used a combination of JavaScript and HTML/CSS to create this project. The icons were created using Adobe Illustrator. Google API was used to implement the pie chart.

Challenges we ran into

Creating most of the visuals on the project caused many issues, in particular, the pie chart. Another issue we ran into was that one of the time frames (weekly) did not work properly as opposed to the daily and monthly time frames.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The overall user interface was very aesthetically pleasing (in our opinions), and the website seems to be quite user friendly. Our project is both computer and mobile friendly!

What we learned

Simple things can take a LOT longer than expected, and focusing on basic building blocks are essential to success.

What's next for Mindful Money

We hope to add more utility features such as a total budget monthly, progress bar to compare the budget and the expense, a subscription feature that will remind users on a selected basis (daily, monthly, etc.) about their spending habits, as well as a reward system that the user can interact with to improve their spending habits. The rewards would go towards some sort of interact-able pet of the user’s choice, and the in-application currency gained would be used to purchase items from a shop to further the user’s experience. We are also considering adding databases to allow data sharing between mobile and PC.

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