We are parents, singles, friends, & colleagues with professional experience in psychology, life sciences, & entrepreneurship. We decided to step up and join the Online Hackathon because we believe that this is a human crisis and all of humanity can work together to find solutions. Together, we have started developing card games that provide step-by-step advice & calls-to-action on how to boost our mental strength in an engaging, fun, & efficient way.

During the Covid-19 crisis and lockdown / self-quarantine, we may find ourselves fighting with our loved ones. Our kids might spend hours on screens. Our parents and grandparents might feel lonely, isolated & scared. We might worry about loss of income, or even losing our jobs. Many of us will lose a friend or family member and face profound grief. Most of us are staying home by ourselves, isolated from our social networks. These are real stresses and concerns, and they make us all vulnerable to major mental health-related problems.

We can create wellness in crisis.

“When I is Replaced by We, Illness Becomes Wellness!” Malcom X

Take care, if possible-stay home, and stay safe!

Mentalliti is for ALL!

What it does

Our first game is a game for everyone, and it can be used by all of these groups - you can even use the cards by yourself for energizers, de-stressers, and a positive mindset.

How we built it

We created content and game rules based on psychology and we visualised them through creative design. We then created an e-shop so you can pre-order our first card game Mentalliti 2.0 that can be delivered it to you within the next 2-4 weeks.

Challenges we ran into

Centralised documentation and task management that we overcame through Google drive, Slack and WhatsApp.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Team formation - rapid, in spite of technical difficulties.
  2. Website launch - during the Hackathon.
  3. PDF card game free to download today.
  4. 200+ Followers on our Facebook Page Mentalliti 2.0.
  5. Pre-orders and free download PDF.

What we learned

Remote collaboration during crisis among unknown people with different skillset can work great as long as there is passion for innovation, optimism and will.

What's next for mentalliti

Develop future card games verticals, our flagship product is for families. Themes like:

  • Age groups
  • Couples
  • Athletes
  • Empowering Girls
  • Unemployed
  • Leadership
  • Team-building

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