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Aviation has always been a huge part of Rebecca's (our founder) life. Her father was a pilot and still works in aviation. She and the rest of her family are pilots as well. Rebecca graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where she studied Mechanical Engineering. Rebecca went to work for an oil field service company upon graduation which allowed her to travel all over the world. She began to spend more time in airports, which opened her eyes to an overwhelming problem. Airports were built for utility first and the human aspect was secondary. Airports engrain a disconnected and isolating culture and that never sat well with Rebecca. That's when she knew that she needed to come up with a solution for this problem. Her hope is that one day people will actually enjoy their airport experience because of Ment.

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What It Does

Ment is an airport based application that allows users to connect to and share information with other travelers in real-time. For the hyperconnected traveler looking for a unique airport experience, Ment is a one-stop solution that optimizes and saves on airport time while creating a connected culture in a once isolated and disconnected environment. Unlike other airport apps, Ment provides travelers real-time interactions and user-generated content specific to the individual's current airport in an intuitive way.

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How We Built It

We have built it in native iOS, using Swift as the language. We've integrated Facebook's api in order to provide a more intuitive experience. We are currently using Firebase as our backend but moving to AWS, which is a more robust backend.

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Challenges We Ran Into

Some high level challenges we ran into is having airlines, concessionaires and airports on board. Getting an established user base and develop credibility in the market. Developmental challenges we've faced are small UI bugs and making small pivots based on consumer feedback.

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Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

We were accepted into an accelerator program in New York City. We have product that our beta users love and want to use.

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What We Learned

We learned a lot from this process. We have learned to stay lean and not adding every feature that we wanted. Getting customer feedback early on and seeing how people interact with our product. We have learned that starting a company is harder than is portrayed in the market. We’ve had a positive mindset from the start so it’s allowed us to stay focused and motivated to keep pushing through all our obstacles.

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What's Next For Ment

In the immediate future, we want to push this to the market. We want to work with innovative airlines and brands to scale this. We have many features and experiments we want to run and validate them with our customers. We want to remain lean and agile.

Long term, we want to change airport culture by integrating into the space even more. We have a vision for what airports can and will look like in the future.

Table Of Contents

Please visit the Ment Web Site by clicking this link or the Ment logo on the top of the page

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posted an update

Well Rebecca is awesome for starters. She never quits and has a goal that she will never give up on. Her initial drive was and still is spectacular. She started with a dream and im glad to help her make it come true.

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