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MEGGS creates tech focused cases that offer beautiful and well designed protective solutions for your iPhone 7. We believe getting women interested and involved in STEM is vital to the industries and creates a well balanced and educated society. Through our cases we want to give young women and girls a tangible way to showcase their passion in interests through fashion accessories.


The MEGGS case brings design and technological interest to a fashion forward intersection. We as women are constantly looking for quality products that can be personalized to our specific fashion tastes. One style never fits all. With the MEGGS case you control your look. Our quality inserts allow you to change your phone case as you change from day to night. We want you to be in control.


The original set of inserts that come with the case are inspired by science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). They are meant to be inspiring to girls and women a like. We want to encourage women to enter industries that may seem both daunting and male dominated. Through our designs we showcase the beauty and creativity that goes into each of these industries (molecules found in science, geometry in mathematics, and circuit boards in technology and engineering).

Technical Description

The MEGGS case incorporates a simple durable acrylic case with a small slit on the top rear of the case. This slit allows for a thin wedge shaped hard plastic insert to be slipped in, thus changing the design of the case. The case is designed with your phone’s functionality and safety in mind. There is a silicon pad surrounding the band of the iPhone to shock resistance.


Philip B Meggs was an innovator in the graphic design field. His book History of Graphic Design is world renowned and is the standard on the subject. Our brand name was inspired by him. Just as he inspired excellence and innovation in the design field, we want to not only honor him through the aesthetics of our cases, but like him, want to push innovation and excellence further by encouraging engagement in the scientific and technological industries.

Growth and Scaling

There are endless possibilities with a career in STEM and the MEGGS case has the same potential. With the removable inserts, our customers can design their personalized insert on our online platform. We see endless possibilities and potential partnerships with this product.

As soon as we have the capital and technological advancement, we will add an iPhone 7 lightning plug splitter. This addition to the case would allow our customer to not only charge their phone, but listen to music through their headphones at the same time without needing extra splitters or hardware that is easily lost. (see designs specs)

Market Placement

There are many companies that offer custom cases, however they all require a new case purchase. With MEGGS you only need to purchase the case once, but can change it up whenever you wants.

Target Market

  • Women from age 15 to 35
  • Mid to low disposable income
  • Fashion/Trend Conscious

Customer Profiles

  • Becca has been working at a startup for the past three years. She loves her job but has a tight budget. She always wants to appear trendy, but doesn’t have the money to keep buying brand new accessories every season.
  • Sam is a college student studying interior design. She never thought about entering into the sciences but is realizing it is an integral part of every industry. Coding classes are on her bucket list.
  • Addy is trying to decide where to apply for college. She knows that pursuing a career in the tech world would be a challenge and a good source of income, but she really loves her studio art classes at school.

Marketing Strategy

In order to reach the greatest amount of women, our e-commerce site will be the main platform for point of sale. We will partner with organizations like Rebecca Minkoff, Apple, Verizon, WiTNY and the Lower Eastside Girls Club for promotion and publicity. These companies not only share our goals to see more women entering the STEM world, but have demonstrated interest in the technology and innovation space. They are well known and will make great partners for our product.

Launch Event

For the launch of MEGGS we will have an onsite custom insert design and printing lab. Customers who buy a case will be able to create (and take home) a personalized insert they design on site. We will have a variety of materials that can be produced as an insert such as 3D printing, plexiglass etching and standard printing. This particular launch event fits perfectly into not only our revenue model, but our mission. It gives our customers hands on technological experience and hopefully will inspire them to imagine the possibilities when they combine their creative skills with scientific and technological advancements.

Social Media

The biggest social media platform that we would use is Instagram and Snapchat. They are two of the most popular social media platforms amongst girls and women in our age demographic. We also want to partner with female bloggers and youtube celebrities. These women are influencers, and with their stamp of approval, we can spread our mission even further.

Social Good Partners

Our product is perfectly suited to partner with any social good company. With the customizable inserts any company can partner with MEGG to receive promotion and donations. We would both allow them to sell their product on their own platform as well as ours to maximize exposure and potential support. Ideal partners would include The Red Cross, charity: water, St. Baldrick’s and The National Breast Cancer Foundation. These are just a few of the many we could partner with outside of the initial STEM partnership.


Most competitors price their custom cases between $40 and $50 dollars. Our retail price would be set at $35 for a case and the three original STEM inserts. Custom inserts will cost anywhere from $6 to $10 depending on the material selected. A simple break even analysis shows that with a startup/fixed cost of $3,000, variable costs of $7 ($4/case and $1/insert - resulting in a gross margin of 30%), and a retail markup of 100%, the product could be profitable after 108 sales.

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